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THANK YOU, YES YOU | Did you know your Tonic purchase helps someone in need?

Andy McKenna on the left suffers from MS, Lin on the right is battling the “C word”

I sometimes feel this is what it must be like to be GP. No one ever goes seeking CBD because they already feel great. Who does? Everyone that walks through our door, emails us, calls the phone, is need of some kind of respite, healing, help. The reasons vary far and wide, from the heart-rending tragic tales to someone just has an itchy bum (that’s usually baby Harley, not me or Michelle). We like to treat everyone’s requirements with the same professionalism, love and consideration as we can, so never think you’re needs are not worthy of our attention.

That said, some of our tribe have suffered with conditions that have rendered them unable to work and this obviously means a restriction in income. It’s so, so hard providing a product that you know will help someone and having to exchange this elixir of health for money. Yes, we have to remind ourselves we’ve been investing in our health for years by way of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and such, and CBD, after all, is a ‘supplement’. Still, for some people, it’s a cost that’s too high.

Were lucky to have a physical shop where our customers can drop in, have a cuppa and ask any questions they might have.

We don’t advertise it and haven’t talked about it until now, but as some of you have asked we thought we’d share a few things with you. One is a new scheme of which we are proudly part. As a responsible CBD company, we are members of the CTA UK and Canna Pro, both leading trade associations for the UK cannabis and hemp industry. Canna Pro has started the Compassionate Access Programme. It allows people in need of CBD, often with financial restrictions and who have been refused help by the NHS, to hook up with reputable CBD companies for them to donate regular supplies of CBD for their specific needs.

It’s a great scheme, but isn’t new to us. We’ve been helping out customers in need where possible, but it all comes down to money. We want to be as generous as we can, help as many people as we can, and as the business grows our benevolence can too.

It’s thanks to you, our tribe members, that we can do this.

So be assured and proud that with every purchase from The Tonic, you’re not only helping your own health, but someone else’s.


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