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15MG CBD Patches

(18 customer reviews)

15MG CBD Patches

(18 customer reviews)


In stock

In stock

Pack of 30 x 15mg CBD patches, ideal substitute to CBD oil and vape

  • Contains: 30 x 15mg CBD per patch
  • Long Lasting: Effective for up to 36 hours
  • Easy to Apply: Simply press the patch onto the skin for 5 seconds
  • Effective: Transdermal CBD offers high bioavailability and a continuous, steady stream of CBD maximising efficacy
  • Safe: This product is safe for adults and children.
  • Organic: 100% organic CBD and Vegan Society approved



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Our customers needs come first and we value your experience of The Tonic products and services to meet your expectations. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the product you have received, please do not hesitate to contact us within 28 days and we will resolve the issue as swiftly as we can.

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What our customers are saying?

My sleep has significantly improved and my joint pain is so much better when I wear the patches.


Have really helped with my depression and anxiety. Helping me to stay a calmer through the tough days.





The Tonic CBD patches have a high absorption rate as it bypasses the digestive system and is directed straight into the blood stream. There are many benefits to having a steady stream of CBD entering your system over a 24 to 36 hour period of time, as opposed to 1 intense dose taken orally once or twice a day.

As well as the CBD working its usual magic, you can also target specific areas of the body that may be experiencing discomfort, by positioning the patch directly on it.



The CBD is gradually absorbed by the skin over a 24 to 36 hour period, so you’ll benefit from the effects all day and night.



Each pack contains 30x 15mg CBD topical patches. Each CBD patch contains 15mg CBD from organically cultivated hemp and 0% THC. 15mg of CBD is a good amount of a daily dose for general well-being. The results may vary from person to person.



  • Apply the patch to a clean, dry and hair-free area of skin, either on the upper arm, chest or back, avoiding oily, scarred or cut/grazed areas
  • You can also apply directly to specific areas of the body where you may be experiencing issues or discomfort.
  • Press down for a few seconds, ensuring it’s fully adhered
  • The faint pattern will fade as the CBD is absorbed into the skin
  • Remove after 1 to 2 days
  • Try not to wear when in the shower or bath immediately after applying, as this can compromise adhesion and efficacy.

18 reviews for 15MG CBD Patches

  1. Tracey Jannaway

    Lockdown and a lack of going out left me with a really bad ankle with pain so bad I was often dosed up on a ibuprofen/paracetamol/codeine cocktail which was effecting my work life, my free time and most importantly my mental health.

    Ever the sceptic, but also willing to try anything once, I order some CBD patches for myself. Well…

    I put a patch on my ankle on the Friday evening and within 30 minutes – the actual pain was pretty much gone. It was so quick I was certain it had to be a placebo effect – how could anything be so effective? So, we are now 3 weeks on and after a bit of experimenting with the best place and time to patch – I spent a large part of Friday on my feet going around the Feminine Power at the British Museum and then Saturday night was dancing at a Toyah gig in town!

    The patches haven’t “solved” the problem with my ankle, but in removing the pain so I can now use my ankle, I can do the physio and exercise needed to get me on the road to recovery!


  2. Daniella

    I recently, accidentally, discovered these work wonders to take the edge off hangover anxiety… so if I’ve had a couple, I slap one on before bed and don’t wake up wanting to crawl into a hole. Always a bonus!

  3. Lesley Burlingham (verified owner)

    Have really helped with my depression and anxiety. Helping me to stay a calmer through the tough days.

  4. Jacqueline Hobbs

    Seems good so far.

  5. Melanie Norwood (verified owner)

    My sleep has significantly improved and my joint pain is so much better when I wear the patches.

  6. Melanie Norwood (verified owner)

    My sleep has significantly improved and J have a lot less joint pain since wearing the patches.

  7. Tamerlain Murray (verified owner)

    I injured my back (an old problem that keeps returning) No painkillers were working, I used the patches and it relaxed my muscle spasms enough to get comfortable. I am sleeping way better too. Having recently split from my partner, these have been a great help.

  8. Lisa (verified owner)

    These are my new best friend. I get terribly anxious and stressed when at work so I bought these to take the edge off a little and help me chill. They are incredible and a real god send. I usually get tension across my shoulders and up the back of my neck and managed to get through a 12 hour night shift quite happily and tension free. And a plus point they are helping significantly with my sleep during the day. Finally feeling a little better with the world ???????? Love them! Thank you xx

  9. Clare Purvis (verified owner)

    As a mother of a toddler and a baby I was finding my anxiety going through the roof being on my own all day with them both whilst my partner was at work, after trying these patches 3 year old tantrums and 10 month old screaming at the same time doesn’t seem too much to handle anymore … it’s made me a much calmer connected parent

  10. Cat Payne (verified owner)

    I stumbled across these patches from someone I follow on Instagram. As I suffer with Crohn’s I’m always aware of what I’m ingesting and have found that the CBD drops (from another company) were too harsh for my tummy. So I saw these and thought I’d give them a go. WOW I cannot stress this enough, they are wonder patches! I suffer with anxiety, panic disorder and sleep problems with bad migraines too. These patches have calmed all my symptoms significantly and I feel like myself again. Thank you so much, I highly recommend anyone give these a go.

  11. Jan McNeil (verified owner)

    Due to a motor biking accident many years ago (bit of a rebel back then), over the years my pelvis has gradually tilted and resulted in a twisted lower spine and walking has become increasingly painful despite higher and higher strength pain meds, to the extent that even walking my pooch for 15mins has meant sitting every few minutes on any flat surface available. Surgery is not an option, unfortunately, only painkillers which mess up my days and nights.
    Recently I bumped into a neighbour and we got to swapping our ‘back problems’. She told me how much these patches helped her, allowing her to work and reducing her dependence on doctors’ prescriptions. With nothing to lose, I ordered the patches and put one on the day they arrived. I thought I was suffering from the placebo effect at first, because I was virtually pain free within 30 mins, but I can very happily report that since then ( two weeks ago) my prescription intake has dropped by a third and I can now saunter (almost) jauntily along with my dog without pain. So much so in fact that she complains we walk too far!
    I have been bending the ears of all my friends about this and may even have persuaded some to try the patches for themselves. For me, I now have your website on ‘speed-dial’. Many thanks!

  12. Alex Blackshaw (verified owner)

    My friend recommended I tried these patches to help with sore feet on a skiing holiday. I am SO glad she did. The anti-inflammation properties certainly took the edge off the pain on the holiday. The continued use has defiantly led to better sleep. Really pleased!

  13. Rachel Tighe

    I work full time as Production and Design Manager so am up early and clock some long hours. I train around 3 times at week at a boxing club, can often be found out and about walking and am also peri-menopausal.
    I have no idea how I would manage without The Tonics products. I specifically find the bath bombs, tea and massage oil useful. (I also used the patches when I had an injury – they worked like a spell/magic )

    I would unreservedly recommend The Tonic products for muscle recovery, stress control/relief and as a sleep aid.
    The customer service and knowledge / support is second to none so if you have a question or a specific problem there’s always a cheery welcome and good advise to be had.

    Great folk, great company, great products.

  14. Helen (verified owner)

    These patches have really helped a sceptical back ache sufferer. So much so they’ve asked for more to be ordered.

  15. Miriam Hinchliffe (verified owner)

    The patches certainly help me sleep better, but I am finding it difficult to judge how much to use. Even half a patch leaves me still tired the next morning.

  16. Simon (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking antidepressants for around 10 year now, but they didn’t seem to be working.
    now, being using the patches for just over 2 weeks and what a difference they have made to me mentally.
    I was on 100mg of antidepressants, but now only on 25mg .
    my head feels so much better and my dreadful anxiety is much more in control.
    thank you guys

  17. Simon (verified owner)

    love this product, its really helping me with my depression and dreadful anxiety.
    10 out of 10

  18. Nicola (verified owner)

    very effective at relaxing muscles during period pain

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My sleep has significantly improved and my joint pain is so much better when I wear the patches.
My sleep has significantly improved and my joint pain is so much better when I wear the patches.


In stock