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At The Tonic, we sell the purest and expertly produced Cannabis Oil available. Our customers are our number one priority and we make ethical considerations ensuring that we meet their needs through our premium quality, European grown and carefully processed CBD oils.

We are part of a wellbeing revolution that is happening right now as the world returns to nature for nurture – join the Tonic tribe today.


Think of CBD as a food supplement, a herbal remedy, a pure plant extract that, unlike other known plant-based remedies, happens to be more effective than anything we’ve experienced from nature.

Our CBD is made from extracting all the oil from the entire plant, top to bottom, leaf to roots, of the Cannabis Sativa L strain of cannabis (also known as industrial hemp). The oil contains compounds called Cannabinoids, of which are are many. Canabidiol (CBD) is the most prevailant and powerful, but works in synergy for the best effect alongise all the other compounds like Cannabigerol (CBG), Terpenes and Flavinoids – this is Full Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect.

Cannabis is predominantly associated with the cannabinoid THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) – it’s the one that gets you high. And it’s the one which we do not include in our CBD products. It’s the one which is illegal in the UK. CBD products in the UK must contains no more than 1mg of THC per container, no matter the size of the container. That said, CBD processed from the whole plant and therefore truely full spectrum as all our CBD is, can be up to 0.2mg THC per container.

CBD is believed to be responsible for most of the wellbeing benefits of the cannabis plant, and new benefits are being discovered all the time.


The benefits of taking CBD are wide and varied. This is because the Endocannabinoid Receptors reside in the Nervous System, Endocrine (hormone) System, Muscle and Skin Cells and certain areas of the Brain.

It has been reported that CBD can help with lowering anxiety, deepening sleep, easing pain, clearing brain fog and help with focus, help with depression, addictive tendancies and much much more. We do not promote CBD to do any of these things, do we always recommend you search the internet for specific issues + CBD.


Many associate cannabis with the psychoactive effects like dizziness, drowsiness and excessive hunger, but that is down to the compound THC which is not only a controlled substance in the UK, but also naturally very very low in quantity in the Cannabis Sativa L strain that we use for our CBD. CBD is actually a very subtle worker, so quite often people do not realise there has been an effect on their system until they realise they haven’t noticed a particular pain for a while, or that their sleep has been improved. Side effects are very rare and only 2 have I witnessed in 4 years of running the Tonic; over stimulation and active bowel movements. The former is eased very quickly by actually increasing the CBD intake temporarily and balance in the system will resume. The latter is due to the Herxing Effect, which is a detox and therefore isn’t a bad thing, but again will pass quickly and is helped along by increasing water intake.


CBD has proved to be a natural anti-inflammatory, and the cannabis plant even contains compounds like Curcmumin which is present in Turmeric. Taking it Orally get’s it in your blood stream fast for quick relief. You can also apply topical CBD like balms and creams, but we also do CBD Patches. Preclinical studies have shown transdermal application of low dose CBD (only 6.2mg per day) reduced knee-joint swelling in arthritic mice. This was observed to provide better absorption than oral administration in the same model. Better still, transdermal patches are thought to prolong the effects of many pharmacological drugs while avoiding fluctuations of drug levels, and there’s no reason to think the same wouldn’t apply to a CBD patch.


If it’s your first time to buy CBD oil, it’s best to to speak to someone about which product and what dosage is most suitable for you. We offer a free consultation service either face to face at our shop in Hebden Bridge, over email, telephone or zoom – whatever is best for you.

Buying CBD online can be confusing as there are many different retailers and brands and it can be tricky knowing who to trust. Getting yourself clued up on the different grades (or quality) of CBD oil, the concentrations and varying formulas and types can help your decision making. And always ask to see Lab reports if they are not available on the website. If you want to know more, head here.


We would recommend taking an oral CBD for the most effective result on sleep. Click here to see our full Oral CBD Range, all will help with sleep by calming the nervous system and regulating cortisol levels. Always start with 1 or 2 doses (eg 6 to 24 mg CBD) at first, as close to your sleep time as you can. If you regularly wake in the night, which is very common due to our circadian rhythem, take another dose as soon as you wake and you’ll find you can drift back off to sleep a lot quicker than usual.


There are many types of CBD from gummies to transdermal CBD patches, oral CBD oils to CBD tea’s. Traditional CBD oil is taken sublinually. This means placing the oil under your tongue and holding it there for a minute or 2. The sublingual membrane allows the oil to pass through and into the blood stream. CBD is absorbed at a rate of 50% to 80% this way. If you were to swallow traditional CBD oil directly or take in food or drink, the absorption rate is drastically reduced to around 4% to 20%. This is why we created the unique Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD – no matter how you take it you always absorb the maximum CBD content. Learn more on how to take CBD here.


The best time to take CBD is when it best suits you. There’s a few things to consider when working out the best time for you; What type of CBD are you taking, How fast does it take effect for you and What are you taking it for.

Classic CBD Oil taken sublingually – it’s in your blood stream anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours, and lasts around 6 o 8 hours depending on the individual.

The Tonic’s Water Soluble CBD – it’s in your blood stream in 20 to 30 minutes and lasts 6 to 8 hours.

CBD Patches are transdermal and therefore slow releasing, so you’ll have a few mg of CBD supplied at a steady rate into your blood stream over a 24 to 36 hour period. These are the longest lasting form of CBD.

Edibles like CBD Gummies are the slowest to reach your blood stream, but again it’s different person to person – expect to feel effects after 1 to 3 hours.

CBD Vape is as fast as our Water Soluble CBD to enter the blood stream via the lungs, but stays in your system for the shortest period, usually between 1 to 2 hours.

With this information in mind, you will then want to consider what you are taking it for and how fast and for how long you need the effect to last. Here are some examples; For deeper sleep, take an oral classic CBD Oil or Water Soluble CBD at the time you go to bed. This way the effects last through the night. To keep anxiety at bay throughout the day, either an oral CBD oil or CBD patches (stronger for higher stress or those less susceptible to CBD).


We’re very proud of our EXCELLENT RATING on Trust Pilot. Read our reviews on our CBD Products to see what our customers are saying. CBD Oil UK Reviews


The Tonic CBD will not get you high as we adhere to the UK legal levels of THC, which is 0.2mg or 0.02% per container. This micro amount is called ‘trace’ amounts and are so miniscule they would never be detected by you or a drugs test. So whether CBD Oil gets you high or not depends on the levels of THC in the CBD Oil. Different countries have different laws on levels of THC so it’s worth being aware of this when buying CBD from the U.S. as come states have legalised THC so there are no restrictions. Be especially cautious when buying CBD Gummies.

THC is a compound which resides in the Cannabis plant alongside many other compounds like CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), CBDA and all the terpenes and flavinoids – individually, they all have their special powers, but together is when the magic really happens. This is why we produce Full Spectrum CBD Oil and not CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum.


To find out if CBD Oil works, don’t take our word for it – read real life reviews from our customers here on our Trust Pilot page


Traditional CBD oil is best taken ‘sublingually’ which means placing the oil beneath your tongue, holding it there for up to 2 minutes ideally, to allow the CBD to travel through the sublingual membrane and into the blood stream. Here is more information on how to use CBD oil.

But there are many different ways to take CBD – Transdermal CBD Patches, CBD Tea, CBD Cream and Balms, Edible CBD, so the way to use CBD differs.


Yes – CBD is legal in the UK so long as the THC levels are below 0.2mg or 0.02%. CBD is legal in most countries now, with exception of Middle East and some Asian territories.


CBD has been reported to help with back pain as well as pain around the body. It’s a great natural anti-inflammatory so taking it orally will get it into the blood stream to all the areas that need it. You can also apply CBD patches to back pain, where it slowly releases a steady stream of CBD directly to that area for fast acting and long lasting pain relief. Or you could try a topical CBD like CBD Massage oil.  In a clinical trial on back pain, published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, 24 adults were treated with 30 minutes of massage therapy, twice a week for five weeks. As well as experiencing improved mobility and less pain overall, the results also showed that all participants had raised serotonin and dopamine levels. Throwing some CBD into the mix will support that boost and, as a result, make the therapeutic benefits all the more powerful.


Anecdotally, millions of people say CBD products help them enormously when it comes to depression and keeping stress and anxiety under control. Many even claim they use CBD oil or CBD Patches to treat anxiety, or they use CBD Oil for depression, sometimes even replacing prescription medications.


One of our customers reviewed  our CBD “I take CBD to help me with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, there are many that come with fibromyalgia, but the predominant ones are pain and fatigue.  It helps me with sleep, pain and anxiety. It’s changed things for me so much so I’m a huge advocate for its benefits and am always recommending it to friends, family and colleagues!”