CBD for Menopause

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Menopausal symptoms vary from restless legs and sweats to high anxiety and brain fog. Here’s our recommended CBD for Menopause products to help with the myriad of issues. If you would like a free consultation get in touch with Kate and she’ll talk you through the options and create a package that suits you.

Guide to use CBD for the menopause

  • All-Round Menopause Tonic
    • Products –  4% & 8% Water Sol, 8% Classic, 3% CBG
    • Taking CBD orally is the best way to tackle multiple issues as it enters your blood stream and moves to where it’s needed. Your Endocannabinoid receptors run through your enodcrine (hormone) system, nervous system, brain and muscle cells. Taking it orally allows you get a high amount into your system quickly, so great for a morning boost or bedtime calm.
  • Restless Legs and Aches
    • 0.5% Massage Oil, Zephyr Massage Oil, Bath Bombs
    • Rubbing CBD oil into your skin can soothe all manner of issues. It’s great for your skin and has the power to penetrate deeper into the joints and muscles.
  • Sleep
    • 4% & 8% Water Sol, 8% Classic, 3% CBG, Cleansing Bloosom Tea and Fruit Tea
    • The Tea’s make for a delicious and effective bed time drink. If, like me, you need a lot of help getting off to sleep or wake in the night, the oral oils provide a fast acting remedy.
  • Brain Fog and Mind Focus
    • 8% Classic, 25% Classic CBD Oil, 3% CBG, Black Mango Tea, Vibrant Lemon Tea
    • Our classic CBD oils and the CBG Enhanced are great for a morning energy boost and calm the nervous system to bring some mind focus. If you want to replace your morning coffee for something more calming, but as effective with increasing your energy and clear that brain fog, go for these two teas.



There’s very little in the way of scientific research and CBD and the symptoms of the menopause, however, many conditions that arise, such as anxiety, disturbed sleep and joint pain, have been reesearched and the results prove positive. Anecdotally, we have many many people taking our CBD to manage the symptoms of the menopause.



Have a read of our blog about CBD and how it can help with menopausal symptoms. It even delves into the unqiue Clit Spritz we created to help with vaginal dryness and loss of sensitivity, both common issues that occur when peri, during or post menopause.



This is an honest and funny account of how one mother takes CBD to get through the stresses of parenting. It’s reassuring to any parent dealing with the day to day nonsense, ups and downs. Have a read here, you won’t regret it…