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CBD for Sleep

CBD can help support a healthy sleep pattern and deepen sleep without the drowsy effects of sedatives. Here are our favourite CBD sleep products.

Which CBD is best for sleep?

All our Oral CBD Oils are great for calming the nervous system, which in turn, stills a busy mind and relaxes the body. And the ones we’ve curated here are all excellent. If you like to have a bedtime cuppa, you have the choice of adding a drop or 2 of our water soluble CBD to boost its sleep-powers, or treating yourself to a cup of our CBD tea. And don’t underestimate the efficacy of a CBD bath at bedtime to ease you into a deep slumber.

How can CBD help with sleep?

If you struggle to get to sleep at all, it could be that you have high cortisol levels at night, which can be caused by high stress levels. This study proves CBD reduces cortisol levels. If you wake in the night, as many people do, you may need another dose of oral CBD to help get you back off to sleep quicker. 

What CBD dosage do I need for sleep?

Some people need a a little and some people, say those with chronic insomnia, may need more. So a cup of CBD tea will be sufficient for some and a 36mg dose of the 25% CBD oil may be what others require. As always, start with a low dose and work up from there if you need to. We’d recommend up to 70mg in a day.