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NEWS (HOT) FLASH | CBD and the menpause gives one tribe member a startling surprise

I know I know, it’s pretty much mine and Michelle’s answer to everything…”I’ve got a hurty finger” Take CBD. “I’m stressing out about Brexit”. Take CBD. “I think the apocolypse is nigh”. Take CBD. When it comes to the menopause, our customes will mirror this answer.

One of our tribe was seeking a natural remedy to assist the the sysmptoms of the menopause, specifically for relief from the night sweats and hot flashes. Based on our own experience and that of other customers, we advised the 8%. She popped in to see us recently and reported…

“I started to take CBD oil 5 weeks ago to ease symptoms of the menopause that I was really struggling to cope with and it has made a huge difference to my quality of life…”.

Hormonal inbalance affects us at all stages in our cycle


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But she also experienced something quite unexpected. Having suffered with migraines for over 20 years, resorting to a concoction of  beta blockers, sumatriptans and injections, it wasn’t even on her agenda of ailments to tackle with CBD. Astonishingly, this is what she shared with us,

“I have not had even a headache never mind a migraine for nearly 4 weeks. When I started taking the oil I never thought about it easing my migraines, it’s such a fantastic feeling having a clear head”.

The Tonic’s Michelle has benefitted no end from CBD’s positive effects on menopausal symptoms

We all cried with happiness for her! Nothing is more wonderful than know how The Tonic is helping so many people. But how does CBD help with the manopause?

While menopause is normal, natural process, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions and symptoms caused by the imbalance and depletion of estrogen production. Our estrogen receptors located throughout our bodies need to adapt to this new, slow progressing change. It’s a slow breakup and not always amicable. As the Endocannabinoid System resides through our enocrine system, CBD regulates the activity of these receptors and restore balance. It has the potential to modulate other sysmtoms of the menopause including mood swings, depression, hair loss, meobolic changes leading to weight gain, anxiety, lower sex drive, sleep distruption, inflammation and so on.

This means that CBD can help with Premenstual symptoms too. The 8% seems to be our favourite for hormonal issues. This is our CBD oil which you take sublingually. If you suffer with cramps, you can also rub the 1% or 2% into your abomen to ease those pains and aches.

So whether you are a perennial or a millenial, CBD could help you re-balance your system.

“I have just been back [to The Tonic] and bought a bottle for my sister. Cannot recommend highly enough, only wish I had tried it sooner.”

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