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NEW YEAR, NEW START | Can CBD help with those ‘new you’ goals?

“This is it. This time I’m going to stick at it. Those new trainers will definitely help me persevere in my attaining that out of reach goal I’ve set for myself. Self disappointment here we come…”

Take it one step at a time. Don’t  give yourself unrealistic challenges

It’s that time when many of us decide to set ourselves a challenge and choose a new year resolution which apparently, accordingly Forbes, only 8% of us actually achieve! Fair enough, working your way to running a marathon if you’ve only ever jogged to the loo is no mean feat. We do seem to choose goals that are challenging, but then if it was easy to change whatever it is we want to change, we wouldn’t need to set an intention. Of all the resolutions we make, health seems to be the prevalent subject. From 2000 people interviewed these are the top topics; to diet or eat healthier (71%), exercise more (65%), lose weight (54%), quit smoking (21%), drink less alcohol 15%.

Nourish yourself. Eat well. Monty is over-seeing vegetable patch preparation

If any of these mirror with your resolution, we might be able to help out with a couple of suggestions. We might not be able to help you build that vegetable patch or give you a perkier bottom, but our Tonic has certainly helped in ways which assist in attaining these goals. From our own personal experience, we have certainly found that the Tonic 8% oil has diminished addictive behaviour. For Michelle, the urge to smoke lessened. I found myself walking past the bakery without buying a cheese slice. Miracle!

The Tonic’s 8% – this is our favourite for inhibiting those cheeky urges like chocolate and cheese slices

So how does CBD work in this instance? How can something made from cannabis do the opposite to giving me the ‘munchies’? The two best-known cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2, and it is now believed that the ECS is vital in preserving homeostasis, a generalised term used to describe keeping the body in balance. This is why CBD is capable of stimulating appetite in people in dire need of nutrition (such as cancer patients on chemotherapy), while at the same time suppressing appetite in those who need to lose weight. The active compound helps keep the body in balance, so if you need weight gain it helps you eat, but if you are overweight, it curbs your desire to chow down.
CBD oil has also proven effective in breaking the smoking habit. The University of London conducted a study that found a relationship between cannabinoids and the addiction to nicotine. In this study, habitual smokers were given an inhaler filled with CBD and a placebo. The participants who used the CBD inhaler showed a radical reduction in tobacco consumption, and their craving for nicotine decreased. So if it works for a nicotine addiction, surely it could work with other addictive traits.

The Tonic 4% is the one we recommend for adding to smoothies and juices if you want a health boost

So it’s practically magic. CBD can help you take better care of yourself and stay true to your resolutions of better health. See our previous blogs on CBD smoothies and healthy juices to help kick-start 2019. Let us know what you’re resolution is and keep us posted with how you’re doing. Let’s not be the 92%. Let’s fit into those pants we wore in 1998.

Wishing you all a beautiful, healthy and love-filled 2019.

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