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LOU’S STORY | Our customers share their CBD experience

Lou’s story

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When Lou came to us she was desperately trying to find a solution to a problem she had lived with since she was 4 years old. She would dread talking to people, paranoid they were looking at her skin. Summer was always dreaded as it meant her legs and arms in dresses and short-sleeved tops.

“I would rather have been uncomfortable all summer in my jeans and tops”

Lou decided to try The Tonic 8%, starting with a daily dose sublingually – this means holding it under the tongue. Within a few days she started to notice a difference. After 3 weeks, it was a transformation. We met up with her to see how she was doing, and as she skipped across the garden in a summer dress, we cried with delight! Since then, she’s not looked back. Her confidence has been restored and she told us she can talk to people without worrying or hiding.

“It’s nice to find something natural, that’s good for me”

You may have noticed that in all our communication of CBD we are a little guarded and don’t mention specific medical conditions. There’s a very good reason for this. CBD is yet to be licensed for medical testing and therefore has not gone through the required medical tests for it to be classified as a medicine. We are therefore restricted by the Medical Health Regulation Authority to discuss medical conditions in association with CBD, including its affects on people.

We advise everyone to do their own research on the internet by googling your condition and CBD, find CBD groups who openly discuss and advise on their experiences, such a CBD Users UK on Facebook. ProjectCBD.com is a good place to start and if you read About CBD on our website there are a few useful links you can follow.

About the author

Kate is an experienced Mountain Biker and Wild Swimmer and has found CBD the ultimate, natural solution to injury recovery, fitness and health maintenance including deepened sleep and staying calm. But more recently, relies on CBD to balance out those hormones and symptoms of the peri-menopause.

As Kate’s exposure to CBD has grown, so has her passion and belief in the product and her desire to create a community around CBD and set the wellbeing revolution in motion.

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