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LOOK WHO WE MET! | Here’s what happened when we took the Tonic to the London Bike Show


Something we were asked a lot while we were at the London Bike Show. It was not just an opportunity to stalk some of my biking heroes, but as any CBD converts will  concur, its properties extend the more commonly perceived benefits and assist in many biking/excercise-related issues and remedies.

Above is Matt Pritchard, skater, former Dirty Sanchez frontman and now endurance athlete and vegan, was keen to try our 25%. He’s on a much healthier trip than he was a decade or so ago. His new Triathlon career and vegan diet is a far cry from his past antics of being repeatedly slapped in the face with a cactus. He has a new cook book called Dirty Vegan (follow his vegan TV here) and you can follow him on a mission to make Wales healthier on his BBC One cooking show .  We’re going to keep in contact and track his Triathlon progress and see how the CBD is helping. He was looking to CBD for mind focus, calming the nerves and general well-being.

I had the honour of meeting the entire Atherton team. Brothers Dan and Gee and sister Rachel are all world champion bikers and were at the show to launch their new team, having left Trek last year, and their carbon downhill bike with 3D printed titatanium luggs. OK, I’m getting a bit bike-geek now BUT this is pretty revolutionary stuff. I was trying to convince Rachel to try our Tonic as I know it would help her with her persistent shoulder injury and the usual prangs and bashes acquired by regularly hurling herself down very fast knarly tracks. She was keen to try it, but aprehensive as she is regularly drugs tested. All our CBD products contain minute trace levels of THC, but will not show on any kind of drugs tests. To reassure you Rachel, we have many people on our Tonic who are tested for drugs (police, athletes, engineers…). But if I’m honest, I don’t blame her. She has never tried it and for her, the risk so close to the competition season is too great to even contemplate trying anything new. I’ll keep working on her… ; )

Matthew Pritchard’s Triathlon training mates Simon Webb (L) of All or Nothing Events and coach Mark Whittle (R)

Michelle was working her magic with CBD consultations. It was great being able to introduce the wonders of The Tonic to so many people. We were applying our 1% and 2% topical CBD to bikers and athletes with injuries old and new with many returning to say “it’s worked! my wrist hasn’t been hurting for the past hour”. We jokingly responded, “of course it works! We’re not selling your usual Snake Oil”.

Some of our customers were quite unexpected. David is a dog handler and had 3 of his dogs at the Excel London sniffing out potential explosives (thankfully, we may have had a problem had it have been trained to seek out cannabis!). I’m not sure who was cuddlier, Rufus the dog or David his trainer. He was such a lovely chap and chatted to us about CBD each time he passed our stand. It was apparent he had a condition that he felt would benefit from cannabinoids. He was rather enlightened and surprised us with his open-minded view. Hehas kept in touch through instagram which we’re very happy about that as we get to keep an eye on what Rufus is up to too!

Left, David with his explosives sniffer dog Rufus. Right, Mr Mango of Mango Bikes, proper HUGE!

We were very proud of our stand and believe it or not, we packed it all into a Honda Jazz! The wall photograph was kindly donated by our good friend and landscape photographer Michael Ryan. It’s a view of Hebden Bridge, the valley filled with morning mist and Stoodley Pike in the distant. It’s a mountain bike mecha round here, so we thought the London bikers might appreciate the view we see every day. Aren’t we lucky!

I took full advantage of the test track and tried out a range of bikes from one made entirely of coconut wood to a kids electric bike with 2 seats, made for backies!

We had a great time and will hopefully be back there next year!

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