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LAURA’S STORY | Our customers share their CBD experience

Laura’s story

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Laura was so brave to talk to us about her condition and agreeing to be filmed. She wanted to inspire those in a similar situation that it is nothing to be ashamed of and that there can be a solution.

“If I looked in the mirror I just wanted to take my skin off”

The past year for Laura has been the worse. She changed her diet, stopped drinking alcohol, avoided certain aggravative skin products…even tried applying toothpaste and TCP! But Laura resigned herself to the belief there was nothing out there that would help.

Laura initially applied The Tonic CBD oil topically, by mixing a few 25% drops in with coconut oil. It can temporarily stain, so it’s best to apply at night, but it will wash off in the morning when you shower. We are working on a topical range that is colourless and specifically designed for applying to the skin. We will announce the details very soon.

“Finally, something is working and it makes me feel a lot better”

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