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Nicola Sparkes, Tonic customer and Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master, talks about what’s in her wellbeing toolkit

The dictionary definition of holism states that nothing can be fully understood unless one sees the whole system of which it is part; that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts.

As a practitioner in the Holistic Heath and Wellness field, I take a holistic approach to health that looks not only at individual physical and mental health needs but looks at the whole person. We treat the individual’s mind, body and spirit in an often multi-disciplined approach to promote deep, lasting healing, which in turn supports people in making powerful, lasting changes. Our practices and treatments can be used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, conventional medicine.

During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic it became apparent, as it had for many, that my professional life was about to change dramatically as well as my personal life too.  The wellbeing centre I had been a part of since its beginning was going to permanently close and I was about to go into ‘lockdown’ on my own. As the weeks went by I started to experience feelings of anxiety and symptoms of an illness I was considered to be in remission from. It was this illness that had fully started me on my holistic health and wellness journey and it was one that impacted me in every way possible. 14 years ago, I had a flourishing career in a highly pressurised sales environment, an excellent social life, I was (mostly) perfectly preened and often in the gym; to others, and on the surface, I was perceived to be ‘succeeding’. In truth, I was pushing myself way too hard and I had done for many years. On reflection, this was often leaving me feeling run down and low. Eventually I came down with a persistent viral infection, I was underperforming in my role and was forced to take time off work. Sadly, it was also during this time off that I also lost my father from a long term illness. Upon my return to work i continued to underperform and I found myself with new symptoms such as persistent fatigue, chronic sleep issues, post-exertion malaise, ‘brain fog’, migraines, persistent muscle myalgia and joint pain, as well as sensitivities to foods, chemicals, light and more. Within 6 months, after many tests and many clinics, I received a diagnosis of M.E. At its worst, I would be bed bound for up to 16 hours a day.  As I was told there was no cure, I started to follow my natural curiosities and knowledge of complimentary therapies; it was here I started my journey to gently train as a Holistic Therapist. During these years, I turned to these therapies, natural remedies, supplements and truly listening to my needs as a whole for my own health. Slowly, I became better and eventually i went into remission, leading a full life with only the occasional flare up. It was from these experiences, many studies and my work in the field in the years that have followed, that I have truly seen the importance of Holistic Health and for each of us to have a ‘wellness toolbox’ of our own.

Our lives are a journey of discovery in every way; our needs change as we travel through it and grow. Consequently, the tools in our wellness toolbox will change with our lives too and some may even become a pivotal part of your life as whole as some have for me. Having previously researched and tried a few (maybe questionable) CDB oils over the years with little results, I had put that potential avenue on the shelf temporarily. But, it was with a curious nature that I wanted to look into different options available to me when I had started to experience anxiety and M.E symptoms within the first 5 weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was then I had first became aware of ‘The Tonic’. I followed them on social media and moved through their website. I remember being so taken with their story, their vast knowledge about CBD and its wide spectrum of benefits, the purity and quality of their products, sustainable packaging and the way they appeared to run their ethical business with integrity. After messaging The Tonic, the personal and informative customer care I received also showed these are ladies who really do care about their customers and how their CBD products can benefit them in the best way possible. I have now been using their 8% CBD oil since the beginning of May, mostly morning and night orally, and I have applied it topically a few times too. In this time, I have experienced a lot less muscle myalgia and joint pain, less sleep disturbances, minimal anxiety and have a much better mind focus too. I can definitely say that moving forward, The Tonic and their CBD products will now be an important part of my wellness toolbox and I will also be recommending them to my clients for theirs too!

The Health and Wellness industry as whole has been facing big challenges. Whilst never in doubt that my calling is to help others, like many other primarily face to practitioners I have found there has been a lot of soul searching as to how to navigate moving forward.  By using the tools that work for me (meditation, gratitude & mindful journalling, yoga, walks in nature, a mostly plant based diet, supplements, my own therapies and of course The Tonic’s CBD!) I have been able to hold space better for clients and friends that have needed it during this time as well as furthering my own studies. Excitingly, I am now realising my dream and launching my own Holistic Health & Wellness business where treatments and other services will be provided both online and face to face.

Kate and Michelle, I am so very grateful to have found you and your 8% CBD oil. Thank you for being part of my journey, you have truly made a difference for me as I know you will continue to for many others.

Nicola Sparkes
Holistic Therapist & Reiki Master
Tel:- 07970528096
Instagram:- @cariadholistichealth @nicolasparkles

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