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GET INKED | We talk to tattoo artist Deedee on CBD and healing

Deedee is a tattoo artist, mother and all-round amazing being. She came to us in search of CBD oil to assist with a variety of needs, one being to regain pain-free joints in her hands and the associated symptoms of arthritis, the other to help in the healing of tattoos. The results were pretty impressive on both counts, and some…


It’s natural to be nervous before going ‘under the needle’ and this is another reason CBD can help in your tattoo journey. It been documented by CBD users that it can bring your stress levels into balance, thus easing you cooly through the process. But if you’ve not dosed yourself on the Tonic then Deedee’s calm and loving nature will instil a trust, she says she often attracts tattoo newbies.

Photography credit: Geoff Brokate

“I feel honoured to have been asked by a lot of people to do their very first tattoo. Sometimes with that comes anxiety and they worry it’s going to hurt. I care a lot about people so I make sure they are feeling comfortable and relaxed. I like talking to people and finding out what they’re passionate about. I assure them it’s not going to be as bad as they think it will be and it’s not.”

Deedee fell into tattooing quite by accident when she was 28. She’s always been creative, but hadn’t painted or sketched with any dedication until a great tattoo artist saw her natural talent and encouraged her to learn the ink skills.

“I was a single mum and working a low paid job while I was apprenticing, commuting a lot. I was also a carer. But I managed to spend hours and hours drawing, studying art, studying tattoo artists. I started realising the more I put into it, the more I got out of it. My life was a lot more content. My soul was happy that I was being creative”.

Deedee has a unique style and I asked her from where she gets her inspiration.

“I was extremely lucky to have found my ‘style’ early on in my apprenticeship, so by the time I was ready to tattoo, some people were interested in my designs.
I’m inspired by all sorts. Nature mostly. My mum was a very earthy woman. Our upbringing was spent outdoors, in the woods, on the beach. The beautiful symmetry in nature fascinates me. As do the ancient civilisations. I believe there’s so much to explore, especially within ourselves”.

Photography credit: Geoff Brokate

Among a long list of artists Deedee turns to for inspiration are Alexander Grim, Dodie, Melow Perez, Emily Rose Murray, Thomas Hooper.

There is more than an artistic talent within Deedee. Her passion goes deeper than the skin and it becomes something quite intimate and a  nurturing experience. “I get to combine my creativity with talking and getting to know people. I’ve had people opening up about really personal things. I’ve had laughter, tears, hugs, friendships.

I have had quite a few clients who have had memorial tattoos for lost loved ones. We’ve collaborated closely with the design, then through the process of transferring that design to skin, talked in depth about grief and support. I lost my mum when I was 8 and it has had a phenomenal impact, as you can imagine, on my life. I want to assist people in their own healing from the trauma of losing a loved one”.


Deedee chose from the Tonic range the 8% CBD Oil taken sublingually and from our skin care range the 1% CBD in coconut oil coconut balm and 2% CBD Skin Serum Skin Serum.

I wondered if there are any parts of the body that are particularly tricky to heal…

“People heal differently. I’m prone to eczema so I have to be very careful what I use on my skin. Taking the 8% orally has helped with that. Applying the 1% coconut balm and the 2%, which is a little stronger, to healing tattoos has worked wonders”.

Deedee tattooed her fiancé, Sion, with this ladybird tattoo and used the 1% CBD coconut balm and he found for the first 2 weeks it was less scabby and itchy than tattoos he’d had previously. “The consistency of it was perfect as some aftercare creams and ointments can sometimes be gloopy and hard to spread”.

The recovery in the tattoos Deedee has treated with CBD has been so positive I asked her if she’d recommend CBD to others…

“Definitely. I’d like to stock these in my studio for aftercare for my clients. Looking after the tattoo through the healing process is very important if you want your tattoo looking it’s best. I’d highly recommend Tonic Tribe products”. We couldn’t ask for a better review and you couldn’t ask for a better healing solution. On many levels! Deedee found the 8% made her more calm, experienced reduced pain in her arthritic and hypermobile joints, better clarity of mind and focus and a deeper sleep.


No matter how tough we think we are, getting a tattoo can hurt. Everyone responds differently. Here are some tips in preparing for and reducing the pain and ensuring great skin recovery for a perfect finish;

#1 Drink plenty of water (don’t try dutch courage and have a whiskey!)

#2 Eat well beforehand so your stomach is happy and settled

#3 Breath!

#4 Talk about it

#5 Aneasthetic gels

# 6 CBD oil – take a drop or two each day on the run up to, during and after you’ve had the tattoo

#7 Slap that CBD oil on the tattooed skin several times a day for 2 weeks to experience reduced swelling, redness and scabbing.

Deedee stills works from Hebden Bridge and as well as several studios in North Wales. You can peruse her delicious work on her Instagram and Facebook page and book an appointment via email deedeetattoo@mail.com

Check out her work here…

Instagram : Deedee.tattoo
Facebook : Deedee Tattoo UK

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