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CBD WINTER WARMERS | Get your glow on this winter with our CBD juice recipes

These are designed to help boost your immune system, aid detoxification, boost energy levels and give you a winter glow!

Make sure you use Water soluble CBD when adding to juices and smoothies to ensure you get the full CBD dose into your system.

Our 4% and 6% are water soluble


2x diced beetroots (get the cooked vacuum packed)

3x  carrots

1x apple

2x sticks of celery

Several pumps of the

Water soluable CBD


2x oranges

4x carrots

1x inch cube of fresh tumeric or 1 teaspoon of dried/powdered

1x inch of fresh ginger

Several pumps of the Water soluable CBD


1x cantaloup watermelon or 1/2 a big green one

1x lime

2x cups of coconut water

Several pumps of the Water soluable CBD

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CBD Oils cannot be ingested like water soluble CBD so you’ll be wasting a lot of the magic (and your money!). It’s called bioavailability and water soluable has the highest bioavailability of all CBD methods – you absorb 100% of the CBD and it takes affect in about 15 minutes and lasts around 8 hours.

Compare this to;

Vaping, takes affect in 15 minutes also, but only lasts a couple of hours.

CBD Oils, taken sublingually, requires the liver to the process the CBD into the system so takes a little longer to take affect and requires you to hold it under the tongue for as long as you can to absorb as much as you can into your blood stream. Lasts about 8 hours also.

Capules, takes an hour or more to take affect, the CBD in gel form endures a perilous journey through the digestive tract which degrades the CBD (tip, ensure your capsules use a ‘liposomal’ formula for better success through the GI tract)

Edibles, like gummies, probably the least effective way of consuming CBD unless the CBD it contains specially processed water soluble with teeny weeny molocules.