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How can CBD Tea help with sleep

There are several reasons why people struggle with their sleep – raised cortisol levels and anxiety/stress being the most common. Luckily CBD is renowned for calming the nervous system to reduce stress AND can balance out hormone excretion. But it can also have mild sedative effects if taken in high doses. There is a lot more research being done into the effects of CBD on sleep. One recent study found that 160mg of CBD increased sleep duration when testing against lower levels of CBD, a placebo and nitrazapam. 

Our CBD Tea is a favourite with those wanting a bedtime cuppa that really does help settle you into sleep and keep you there. So is CBD Tea right for you?

Let’s first look at which sleep pattern sounds like you…

  1. Fast to sleep but wake often
  2. Steady to sleep but wake at 3 or 4 am
  3. Cannot get to sleep / insomnia

If you’re number 1 and have a night of interruption, I would recommend the Fruit Explosion CBD Tea – it’s naturally caffeine free as it’s made from fruits. Make sure you’re not drinking too close to bedtime to minimise the night time toilet trips. 1 to 2 cups carry enough CBD to help most people deepen their sleep and avoid as many regular wake ups. 

There’s plenty of us in the ‘4am club’. No bother getting off to sleep, but when it turns to this side of dawn… ‘ping!’. If we were a bird or if our culture worked alongside the rhythms of nature, this would be fine, but we’re not and we don’t. Here’s what I do… a dose of CBD at bedtime. The Cleansing Blossom is a great night time blend. This helps me get off to sleep faster and really deepens those crucial first 5 or 6 hours. If the dawn chorus has me awake at 3 or 4, I take a shot of my 8% Water Soluble to quickly lower the adrenalin that is now pumping about my body and calm the nerves which are triggering my brain to think of all sorts of nonsense. Within minutes I’m off again. 

If you struggle to get to sleep at all it could be that you have high cortisol levels at night which can be caused by high stress levels. Having a cup of CBD Tea at bedtime can help regulate your cortisol levels and ease you into sleep. But will it be strong enough to keep you there? For some people yes, but for others who’s insomnia can be chronic, you may be best taking one of our high strength oral oils to get a larger milligram dose into your system. We’d recommend up to 70mg at bedtime. This study proves higher cbd doses reduces cortisol levels. 

More About Our CBD Tea Range

The Tonic Tea’s are a luxurious and easy way to get your daily CBD dose. Unlike most other CBD drinks on the market, we use our own unique Water-Soluble Full Spectrum CBD, which is specially designed to be ingested while retaining almost 100% CBD absorption and it contains the whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes available for the greatest effect.

We have 5 different blends

Any Time – Fruit Explosion: packed with grape, passionfruit, banana, hibiscus, marigold flower and orange it’s a rich, fruity and well-rounded – a taste explosion. This summer fruit blend is a true delight in aroma and taste. It looks pretty spectacular too. Naturally caffeine-free, this special combination of organic fruits tea exceeds any other you’ll find.

Good Night – Cleansing Blossom: a base of white tea with elderflower, cherry blossom, jasmine and cornflower, this luxurious, floral white tea blend is made from young large tea leaves and combined with jasmine dragon pearls and various flowers. It is like springtime in a cup. It is packed with antioxidants making it a perfect addition to a cleansing diet and to refresh the system after a weekend of self-indulgence.  And because white tea is naturally low in caffeine, it’s a great bedtime drink.

Focus – Black Mango: A vibrant black tea with mango, lime and lemongrass, indulge in the rich and powerful taste of this robust black tea from southern India, perfectly blended with fresh sweet mango and lime to ensure a balanced and full taste. It’s also a great alternative to morning coffee or an afternoon energy-boost.

Good Morning – Green Tea with Lemon: This soft, yet rich tasting green tea is generously filled with real lemongrass and lemon peel. It is like a cup of sunshine in the morning and is a great boost to get you through an afternoon lull. Let the green tea and lemon naturally stimulate and cleanse.

Peace – Chai Spice: Black Darjeeling with star anise, ginger, cardamon, cinnamon and orange –

Let the aromatic chai spices warm your cockles from within and create some inner peace and a settled digestive system. It’s also great in hot chocolate for a cosy night time or winter drink.

We wish you all improved sleep and don’t forget, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via our email