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CBD Drinks

All about CBD Drinks

What are CBD drinks?

CBD Drinks can be any drink infused with CBD or ‘teas’ made from ground up hemp. There are several types of CBD infused drinks: Tea, Coffee, beer, soft drinks and flavoured water. There are 3 types of CBD used in CBD Infused Drinks on the market:

  • The most common use CBD Isolate (a powdered and sometimes synthetic form of CBD). This is the 1 main cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant and is isolated out from all the other cannabinoids.
  • A handful of CBD Drinks are unique and made with the real deal – full spectrum water soluble CBD designed to be ingested. Full spectrum means the CBD is derived from the whole plant and is not filtered down or any particular one cannabinoid isolated, it’s as close to the plants natural state as you can achieve with an oil extract. One great example of this is The Tonic’s Luxurious CBD Infused Tea’s.
  • And finally there are some CBD Drinks made by adding the raw CBD Oil, which is fine, but you’ll find the absorption rate of the CBD is very low. Our bodies struggle to absorb oils in their original form, hence taking CBD Oils ‘sublingually’.

CBD Drinks made from ground hemp are often sold as ‘CBD Tea’. They are often made from the flower of the cannabis plant and therefore illegal in the UK. Some are made from the dried leaves, but will contain little to no cannabinoids (CBD).

What do CBD Drinks do?

CBD soft drinks like tea or flavoured water will give you the effects we have learnt to expect from CBD. Reported benefits are improved sleep, a sense of calm, increased focus and an overall balanced system.

CBD drinks vs CBD Infused drinks

This is a more a matter of terminology: Soft drinks, tea, coffee or beer that are classed as ‘CBD Drinks’ will be infused with CBD. This is done by adding CBD oil or water soluble CBD or CBD isolate directly to the drink, so essentially all CBD Drinks are ‘Infused’.

The Benefits of CBD Drinks

Having a drink containing CBD can be a very convenient and tasty way of getting CBD into your system. Classic CBD Oil can be very strong in flavour and is usually very earthy in taste and some people find it challenging to take because of this.  CBD Drinks are a brilliant alternative for those wishing to omit alcohol from their diet as they feel like a treat, but do the job of calming the nerves and relaxing the body. CBD comes with many benefits which you will appreciate when having a CBD drink; sense of calm, overall balance, increased focus, improved sleep and relief from some symptoms of menopause and menstrual cycle.

15mg CBD Drink Effects

When it comes to how effective a CBD Drink is in relation to its CBD mg content, it really does depend on the quality and type of CBD used to infuse the drink. Pure or Isolate CBD, which is the most common used in drinks, needs to be 15+ mg per serving to have any real benefit. When you drink a high quality CBD Drink containing Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD you’ll notice the benefits from just 5mg of CBD per serving. When ingesting regular CBD Oils in drinks or gummies or chocolate then the absorption rate is only 4 to 20% so you’ll need to intake 30 to 50mg to achieve the same benefits as a 15mg CBD isolate or 5mg Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD.

30mg CBD Drink Effects

The efficacy of the CBD increases when the amount of milligrams of CBD is increased. And how much you need depends on your individual needs. 12 to 24mg of CBD per day is plenty for most people who are looking to create a sense of calm, get some mind focus and ease physical aches and deepen sleep. But if the issues you wish you tackle with CBD are chronic or severe you may need more. We’re all different and our needs vary so always start low with the dosage and work your way up to a daily CBD dosage that works for you.

Do CBD Drinks Work?

The efficacy of CBD Drinks depends on several factors: the quality of the CBD in the drink, the milligram of CBD/dosage per serving and how receptive you are to CBD. Some people notice the effects relatively quickly and some people need to take CBD for a number of days, even weeks, before the benefits they are looking for manifest. 

With regards to the quality of CBD and milligram per serving, this is a good rule of thumb:

But at the end of the day, CBD does what it is known for and I’d be surprised if you didn’t feel any positive effects from a CBD drink.

CBD Drinks Review

A wonderful way to combine three healthy ingredients in one refreshing and uplifting drink!

The rich green tea with lemon peel & lemongrass is as described, a cup of sunshine. There is nowhere else I would shop for CBD products.

Delicious. Left to brew for the suggested 10 minutes in my reusable T bag! Highly recommend. Fantastic customer service and a top class product.

Are CBD Drinks Safe?

So long as CBD Drinks are made using ingredients approved for use in the UK and CBD that is made within the UK regulations then CBD Drinks are entirely safe.


Are CBD Drinks Legal?

CBD Drinks are legal in the UK so long as the CBD used is produced within the UK regulations. That means the THC levels are below 0.2% and ideally the cannabis is organically grown, triple-tested and the CBD is extracted using the CO2 method.

Can You Drive After CBD Drink?

You can drive after drinking CBD Drinks as long as they follow the UK regulations for THC content and that it is a non-alcoholic drink.

In the UK the THC levels for full spectrum CBD products is 0.2%, which is considered ‘trace’ amounts and will never show up on a drugs test or the effects be felt no matter how much you consume. 

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Drink?

You can add CBD oil to a drink, but if it is traditional CBD with a hemp seed, olive or coconut/mct oil base you will reduce the absorption rate to 4-20% that if you took the oil sublingually (under the tongue). You can buy Water Soluble CBD specially designed to ingest which can be added to food or drink while retaining a huge 99% absorption rate. This is The Tonic’s Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD.

How Much CBD In Trip Drink?

Trip Drinks contain 15mg of CBD. The CBD they use is CBD Isolate, also called ‘pure’. The original oil extracted from the cannabis plant is put through a rigorous process to isolate the main cannabinoid Cannabidiol from the rest of the cannabinoids, which turns to a white powder. This is then mixed with the drinks and dissolves.