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We took a visit to Eagles Crag Brewery in Todmorden to see how they make the CBD Beer exclusively for The Golden Lion, Todmorden

Gig of The Golden Lion, Todmorden, with The Tonic’s 4% Water Soluble CBD

The Golden Lion in Todmorden isn’t just a pub, it’s an institution, there for all the community in a true sense. Everyone is welcome and anything goes. Gig is at the helm, leading a crew of brilliant staff, to run this unique, entertaining, often bizarre and always benevolent community hub (they do free dinners at Christmas).

“We are the pub reimagined. A  community hub working to provide our customers with an amazing food and drinks selection with a buzzing atmosphere unlike anywhere else. The true alternative to your usual local”

The music scene here is phenmomenal, thanks to Richard Walker’s heritage in the free rave scene and DJ land, his muscial filofax holds an extensive and loyal list of DJ’s and artists including the late and great Andrew Weatherall with Sean Johnston, Justin Robertson (of Unabombers), Russ Marland (Out in The Sticks), Mr Scruff, Jarvis Cocker, David Holmes, Kevin Rowland and even snooker legend Steve Davis! Not to mention artists and bands Jane Weaver, Working Mens Club, Acid Mothers Temple, Julie Byrne, plus folk legends Michael Hurley, Emmanuelle Perrine and Michael Chapman.

Heck, they even create a space for local groups to gather weekly, like the UFO Society! Always seeking out the wild, the wonderful, the obscure, Gig wanted to introduce a CBD infused beer into their already wide range of bevvies. Todmorden-based brewery, Eagles Crag, already supplied their locally brewed craft ales to the Lion and were willing to give CBD Beer brewing a go.

Eagle’s Crag owners, Chris Milton and Dave Mortimer have over 30 years brewing experience

Chris Milton and Dave Mortimer are experts in brewing craft ales and also radical enough to take on the task of researching, testing and producing a CBD beer. Following some experimenting, it was decided that The Tonic’s water soluble CBD was the best and most effective CBD to use and Fly Like An Eagle was born! Now, it wasn’t as straight forward as expected…The 4% CBD Water Soluble‘s consistency is thinner than traditional CBD oils and so it not only mixes better, but it’s specially designed to have almost 100% absorption by the body when ingested.

But it turned out slightly trickier than just mixing the CBD into the cask and ‘job done’. As CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant as an oil, there’s only so much meddling you can do to make it ‘truly’ water soluble. It’s nigh on impossible. So, the only way to ensure an accurate dose of 8mg CBD is added to each bottle, it has to be done by hand. Each and every bottle.

To ensure an accurate and consistent CBD dose per bottle, the Tonic is added by hand to each bottle

As you can imagine Chris and Dave were delighted by this…hence Gig (and me, for this day trip) help out with the bottling up. But at least you know how special each bottle is!

The factory line!

Fly Like An Eagle CBD Beer is a vegan golden hopped beer with Centennial and Mosaic Hops. This Beer gives a refreshing citrus aroma as well a daily dose of CBD goodness. Each bottles contains 8mg of water soluble, which is a good amount for general wellbeing and as it’s a water soluble with increased bioavailability (absorption), 8mg of this is the equivalent of an oil that’s about twice as strong.

So how is CBD Beer made?

Real ale is a beer brewed from traditional ingredients (Malted Barley, Hops, Water and Yeast), matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide. The ingredients are fresh and natural, resulting in a drink which tastes great and is full of flavour. The ale is literally living as it continues to ferment in the cask, developing its flavour as it matures.

It is then ready to be bottled and for the CBD to be added. The bottles are sterilised, 1 dose of 4% CBD added to each bottle, the beer is then added, capped and left for 2 more weeks for secondary fermentation, as the sugar and yeast to reactivate and give it its slight fizz.

At the moment you can only get the Fly Like Like An Eagle from The Golden Lion in Todmorden, but we’ll keep you posted if things change and ordering online is a possibility. But trust us when we say it’s worth the journey to West Yorkshire!

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