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While the whole world searches for answers to the ongoing Covid pandemic, the solution not only to preventing transmission, but to easing symptoms of both Covid and Long Covid might have been in front of us the whole time – in the form of high CBD cannabis sativa. 

High CBD Cannabis Sativa – a promising preventative strategy and Covid treatment

Although further clinical trials are needed to confirm the findings, numerous studies have now reported astonishing effects of using cannabis as a preventative strategy. As cannabis has an impressive array of mechanisms, the interactions it offers are widespread. But, one discovery with perhaps the most potential is the fact that the SARS-COV-2 virus enters and is mediated by the ACE2 receptor and TMPRSS2 serine protease, which high CBD cannabis Sativa has been found to decrease gene expression of – therefore decreasing entry of the virus altogether. 

As these receptors are expressed in oral and nasal mucosa, as well as lung tissue, kidney, testes and gastrointestinal tract, authors of the paper have suggested a mouthwash containing high CBD cannabis Sativa extracts may serve as a preventative strategy as a result of these findings.

Could this be the same for our CBD Nasal Spray, which inevitably trickles to the back of the throat? There’s no reason our unique Water Soluble Full Spectrum CBD could be swilled in the mouth for an effective mouth wash – afterall, it’s designed to be ingested and absorbed through the skin cells of our mouth and digestive tract.

Incredibly, the way in which cannabis could come to the rescue doesn’t stop there…

Cannabinoids Reduce Cytokine Storm

Cannabinoids CBG and THCv have also made their way to the spotlight, contained in another high CBD crude extract which has been found to significantly reduce IL-6 and IL-8 secretion levels from lung epithelial cells – two cytokines which characterize the cytokine storm in severe COVID-19 patients.

Cannabis for Long Covid

Through the aforementioned ACE2 receptor discovery, another study has revealed that both CBD and another cannabinoid, CVN, can bind to post Covid symptoms related CNS proteins and downregulate them. The hope is this will translate to relief from many Long Covid symptoms, including fatigue, inflammation, neurodegeneration and organ damage. 

However, the actions of Long Covid remain a bit of a mystery, which makes finding effective treatments a serious challenge. Many experts are starting to think this ongoing issue comes as a result of persistent inflammation throughout the body, which can cause a whole raft of problems from chronic pain to heart conditions and hair loss.

Fortunately, we already know that plenty of the 147 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (not to mention the terpenes and flavonoids) have potent anti-inflammatory properties. This has not gone unnoticed by cannabinoid researchers!

Drug Science (the organisation behind Project Twenty21) are in the process of conducting what could be a breakthrough study, in which 30 Long Covid patients are prescribed CBD dominant medical cannabis to be taken daily for five months. They plan to collect monthly self-report assessments of common symptoms including breathlessness, fatigue, mood, cognition and pain and real-time data on heart rate, physical activity and sleep using wearable technology to determine the feasibility of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of Long Covid and whether it is safe to use.

What about CBD oil?

Most of these studies are exploring the use of high CBD cannabis (with other cannabinoids present) and those investigating CBD and THC isolate have not found such impressive effects. While full spectrum cannabis flower and crude oil are likely to yield the best results, it’s unfortunately still not possible to use these products legally in the U.K. without a prescription. 

Could CBD oil do the job instead?

There’s certainly no evidence to suggest that taking a daily dose of CBD oil would do any harm during these uncertain times! And, if you opt for a full or broad spectrum CBD product, you’ll be able to utilise some of those other cannabinoids too.

Given the suggestions made by the experts, gargling with CBD oil wouldn’t go amiss. Nor would the use of The Tonic’s full spectrum water soluble nasal spray, supercharged with the addition of Thyme and Eucalyptus essential oils and Propolis – which has also been shown to have inhibitory effects on the ACE2 and TMPRSS2, as well as antiviral activity that has been proven in vitro and in vivo. 

Although we’ve yet to hear experts officially come out and say that cannabis can be used to prevent and treat Covid, these preliminary findings are extremely promising. As usual, cannabis never fails to amaze and, who knows? Maybe this will be the beginning of wider access to cannabis, legally, across the globe.

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