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CAN CBD HELP WITH SPORTS LIKE DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKING? | Reece Wilson, champion downhiller & tribe member tells us how

This month we continue to interview the fella’s in our tribe about their wellbeing, tips and tricks for health and ask about their CBD experience.

This week it’s Reece Wilson, 22 year old champion downhill mountain biker from Scotland. He’s currently on the Trek team and racing in the mens elite category. He’s frequently seen on the podium and last year came fourth at the Fort William World Championships. He raced in this years and although he came fourth in qualifying, race day was massively unkind to him – 2 turns out of the start and his chain snapped, flapping about his rear wheel like a wild snake, didn’t stop him to continue hurtling at top speeds to finish the race. He even crashed into a tree and still didn’t finish last!

The UCI World Championships continue this weekend at Leogang, in Austria. You can watch the adrenalin fueled hugely exciting womens and mens races here on the Red Bull live stream.

Here’s what the hugely talented, very brave and rather lovely Reece had to say about race life, wellness and tandem partners

In 5 words, describe your bad-ass self:

Laid back, mellow but focused

It you weren’t an elite down hill mountain biker, what job would you have?

I would probably be doing some sort of engineering. I enjoy making things.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for hurtling 30 miles an hour down rocky decents?

I like to listen to really chilled songs like First Class – Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The more chill I can be the better. Find the inner Zen.

3 words to describe the feeling you get;

Pre race Nervous and focused

Mid-razz Seriously focused on breaking down the track as I go

Crossing the finishing line on the podium – There isn’t many words to explain that feeling. Ultimate euphoria.

What’s your must-have pre-race breakfast?

I don’t actually have one, if I had to choose I’d say, banana and oat patties, eggs and avocado.

After a hard training session or race, how do you allow yourself to recover?

I start with a protein shake, go home and have a bath with some salts, and finish it off with some CBD drops before bed. The ultimate program.

You’re booked onto a tandem tour around Europe, who’d be your tandem partner?

My Friend Gavin Hamilton, we’re always on the same wave haha.

How do you settle your pre-race nerves or are you made of steel? 

Just listen to super chill music and distract myself from racing.

Who/What turned you on to the Tonic?

My body asked for help haha. I took to Instagram and the Tonic just looked right for me!

What’s your Tonic of choice and why?

The 8% in the morning to sharpen and clear the mind. 4% at night just to help with the aches and pains of the day and helps with a good nights sleep.

How has CBD affected your life/health/wellbeing?

I’m definitely nice and relaxed in general, my sleep has been amazing and the body is definitely fresher. Everything I wanted to achieve from it.

What are your other go-to health and wellbeing products?

Bath salts as of recently and that’s about it for me up to now.

What are your top tips for other men looking to try CBD?

Definitely go for it!! It’s a great product with lots of benefits! A simple addition to your daily supplements that can improve your day to day living.

You’re 22, where do you see yourself at;

32? Hopefully in the last few years of a successful mountain biking career.

52? I’d like to have a job within the industry, working to develop bikes/riders and race series of some sort.

82? At home, with my wife chilling super hard! Maybe even move somewhere where the pace of life is so slow it’s almost stuck in time.

Thanks Reece and good luck in Leogang and with the rest of the UCI Championships!!

About the author

Kate is an experienced Mountain Biker and Wild Swimmer and has found CBD the ultimate, natural solution to injury recovery, fitness and health maintenance including deepened sleep and staying calm. But more recently, relies on CBD to balance out those hormones and symptoms of the peri-menopause.

As Kate’s exposure to CBD has grown, so has her passion and belief in the product and her desire to create a community around CBD and set the wellbeing revolution in motion.

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